Our Board

The volunteer Board of Directors of Equine-Assisted Therapies works tirelessly to engage the community and develop opportunities for program growth.

2018-2019 Board of Directors


Anne Vegso, Board Chair   Chris Davell, Treasurer
Work: Health Communications, Inc.   Work: Retired
Position: Owner   Position: Financial Consultant
Board Member since 2006   Board Member since 2001
Years with EATSF: 15   Years with EATSF: 19
Howard Lerner, 1st Vice Chair   Keith Marchesani, 2nd Vice Chair
Work: Spectrum Group at Morgan Stanley   Work: The Home Depot
Position: Family Wealth Advisor   Position: District Operations Manager
Board Member since 2014   Board Member since 2015
Years with EATSF: 14   Years with EATSF: 11
Kirsten Uebrig, Secretary    
Work: BBX Capital    
Position: Director, Operations Manager    
Board Member since 2018    
Years with EATSF: 1    


Jason Gordon   Stephanie Scheinman
Work: Law Offices of Jason Gordon, P.A.   Work: David M. Scheinman, C.P.A., P.A.
Position: Attorney   Position: Manager
Board Member since 2009   Board Member since 2010
Years with EATSF: 10   Years with EATSF: 10
Brenda Mallett   Stacy Win
Work: Socially Engaged Media   Work: Open English
Position: CEO & Branding Strategist   Position: Sr. Process Excellence Manager
Board Member since 2015   Board Member since 2016
Years with EATSF: 4   Years with EATSF: 3
Eduardo Safille   Stanley Zeitchick
Work: ARC Broward   Work: Retired
Position: VP of Talent Management   Position: Electrical Contractor
Board Member since 2018   Board Member since 1991
Years with EATSF: 1   Years with EATSF: 28
Dawn Dosch-Betters   Kristen Swinehart
Work: Newell Brands, Inc.   Work: Consultant
Position: DTC Financial Services   Position: Success & Wellness Coach
Board Member since 2018   Board Member since 2019
Years with EATSF: 10   Years with EATSF: 1