The volunteer Board of Directors of Equine-Assisted Therapies works tirelessly to engage the community and develop opportunities for program growth.


Chair Anne Vegso
1st Vice Chair Howard Lerner
Employer Health Communications, Inc. Employer  
Position Owner Position Community Leader
Joined 2006 Joined 2014

2nd Vice Chair Keith Marchesani Treasurer Chris Davell
Employer Home Depot Employer Self-Employed
Position District Operations Manager Position Financial Consultant
Joined 2015 Joined 2001

Member Jason Gordon Member Stephanie Scheinman
Employer Law Offices of Jason Gordon, P.A. Employer David Scheinman CPA, PA
Position Attorney Position Senior Staff Accountant
Joined 2009 Joined 2010

Member Kirsten Uebrig
Member Stanley Zeitchick
Employer  BBX Capital, Inc.     
Position Director, Operations Manager Position Retired Electrical Contractor
Joined 2018 Joined 2009

 Member Brenda Mallett Member  Stacy Win
 Employer Socially Engaged Media Employer  Open English
 Position CEO & Branding Strategist  Position  Sr Process Excellence Manager
 Joined 2015   Joined  2015

 Member  Dawn Dosch-Betters  Member Eduardo Safille 
 Employer  DTC Financial Services  Employer ARC Broward 
     Position VP of Talent Management 
 Joined                                  2018                                                                     Joined                               2018